(78 X 7 min)
by Jacques Azam
directed by Alexis Lavillat

Welcome to the Tangerine house!

Mrs. Tangerine, an inventor of disasters and stay-at-home mom, conducts her eccentric experiments in the kitchen. Lulu, 8, is super finicky, hyperactive and exhausting. Her pet? The crazy Cow that talks non-stop over a glass of orange juice! Mr. Tangerine, a fully absent, cell phone dad, a specialist in educational call-ins, keeps an eye open for trouble. In the middle of his wacky family’s joyful mayhem, Chico, the philosophical teen, takes life as it comes (mostly askance) and shuffles along with his common sense and cool attitude.
Family life is an adventure each and every day!

Ninoo’s Speaking

(39 X 3 min)
created by Brigitte & Yves Lecordier
directed by Nicolas Guilloteau

When Ninoo picks up the phone with all the cheek and spontaneity of a 4 year-old, the world of childhood shatters the adult world! Though everyone is kind enough to play along, they don’t know that the phone call is actually a hoax!

A.R.T. investigation

(52 X7min)
created by Alexis Lavillat
written by Philippe Traversat

You can’t frame bad guys!

52 investigations in which young viewers will primarily discover the mysteries of art history. Necessarily discreet, the A.R.T. team is based in the heart of the Cyclades in the art academy of the tiny island of Koulos… But their adventures lead them to the four corners of all five continents. The leader of A.R.T., Miss Yu, runs her team with a marble fist. They are: Tregor, the ARTnalyste expert, Agent Rix, the primitive art policeman and three hand-picked students: Bird the eccentric who runs full throttle, Popsy the learned dandy and Matt, a funny little Shortlock Holmes.
A.R.T. Investigation: a spot-on team!

Copy Cut

(52 X 13 min)
by Dao Nguyen and Ludivine Marques - Verissimo
directed by Pierre Volto

The bright stuff!

Ari, Mac, Yuyu and Puk are Copy Cut: a group of teens who love disguises. And they have qualified for THE big Cosplay contest in Tokyo! Mega-awesome!

Our heroes set out during summer vacation on board the vintage Van of Babooz, Mac’s ancient grandmother. And off they go on a costumed, gonzo road trip around the world as they head to Japan!
The Copy Cut philosophy? Extricate themselves from highly unexpected situations having fun and improvising: by disguising themselves as characters from their favorite stories! And it works! …That is, when it doesn’t cause maxi mix-ups…


(52 X7min)
created and directed by Philippe Traversat
produced by Alexis Lavillat

The family? The best board game of all time.

WELCOME TO LA MAISON is about the “best” times of a family of toys in a doll house.
The family is THE quintessential subject because, to our great delight, it is the small business that is constantly in crisis, from management problems to human resources issues.
From big domestic themes to highly irritating mini-issues in daily life, everything is a possible story…
Stories in which everyone will undoubtedly recognize their neighbor. And maybe a bit of themselves if they make an effort.
WELCOME TO LA MAISON, a program that will unite everyone to make fun of the family.
A domestic comedy based on real facts.
Any resemblance to any character or event living or dead is absolutely desirable.


500 X 1'30" + 104 X 7
after the comic strip created by Charles M. Schulz
Adapted for the screen and directed by Alexis Lavillat

The daily smile!

For more than 60 years, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock and the whole Peanuts gang have delighted millions of readers around the world on a daily basis.
Today, for the very first time, the original comic strips of the amazing Charles M. Schulz come to life in France.
With humor, intelligence, mischievousness, tenderness and generosity, Peanuts now comes alive every day on our screens!


(52 X7min)
created & written by Anne-Lise Koelher
directed by Anne-Lise Koelher & Éric Serre

The series about the Nature of things!

How is a bird born, why does one come into the world as an insect, mammal or fish?
The paper sculptures of Hello World animate the amazing spectacle of life in the wild.
52 episodes, 52 adventures to witness the discovery of the world by 52 different animal species.
Hello World, the first naturalistic animation series, an artist’s view of the natural world.



Founded in 2002 by writer and director Alexis Lavillat, NORMAAL animation is an independant French company specialized in animation.

The NORMAAL way is to produce different programs to export to the 4 corners of the 5 continents.

Generally aimed at youth programming, NORMAAL brings animation to the general public with its NORMAAL ORIGINAAL series and its adaptations of pop culture classics with NORMAAL CLAASSIC.

15 series, nearly 1500 episodes, and as many original stories and graphics… with more than 120 hours of programming produced so far, NORMAAL uses all of its talent to figure among the leaders in animation.

A team with incredibly NORMAAL creativity and know-how.

NORMAAL creates all of its shows in its studios in Paris and Angoulême and handles sound production in its subsidiary, STANDAARD.

Living dangerously, 100 % HOMEMADE, that’s the NORMAAL attitude!

While Europe and the United States are massively relocating their animation to Asia, NORMAAL is the only producer that successfully manages to produce large volumes in-house.

This is Normaal

  • NORMAAL animation

    10 Villa d’Orléans
    F-75014 Paris
    +33 1 43 20 03 07

  • NORMAAL Stuudio

    102 rue de Bordeaux
    F-16000 Angoulême
    +33 5 92 30 36

  • STANDAARD audiio

    4 rue de la Saône
    F-75014 Paris
    +33 1 43 20 01 53